Lori Benson

Lori Benson picLori Benson : Completed the Yoga Alliance 200 hr Hatha Yoga Certification in May 2010. Her teaching style combines a variety of disciplines of her teachers since her yoga journey began in the late ’90’s. From the beginning of her yoga life path, Lori had the desire to teach and share what she has learned and the wonderful transforming effect that yoga can have on ones life.

“Right from my very first experience with yoga, I felt a peace of mind, sense of well being and connectedness with my body. I love the sensations in the body , and the sense of accomplishment of completing a class, especially, the feeling of peace and serenity that fills me after every class. Through my yoga journey I have discovered how the discipline of returning to my mat, meeting the challenges “on the mat” , help me to meet life “off the mat” and live grounded in Spirit.”

“I have great gratitude for the mentors and teachers that have guided me. Daniel Clement – Open Source Yoga, Garbiola Island, BC.; Elissa Gumushel, certified Anusara teacher; Karuna Erickson, Co-Author and Founder of Heart Yoga; and especially Val Kunimoto for her mentorship and encouragement from the beginning. Namaste’