Yin Yoga

The practice of Yin Yoga encourages the slow and safe stimulation of deep connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, joints) primarily through long-held seated poses, focusing mostly on the hips, pelvis and lower spine. The stillness of the long held poses (3 minutes plus) invokes a meditative aspect and a focus on awareness of the body’s sensations and energy. Sometimes called Daoist Yoga, the practice helps regulate the subtle energy flow in the body. As we age, flexibility in the joints decreases. Yin Yoga is a magnificent way to maintain and improve mobility at any age.

This class will introduce most of the main postures of Yin Yoga as well as teaching you sequences that focus on specific areas such as the spine, hips, legs, shoulders, arms, etc. You will learn how to breathe and stay relaxed while holding postures for longer times, as well as how to modify postures for your body and personal practice. You will also learn about the underlying philosophy of yin yoga and how it helps to regulate the subtle energy flow throughout all the inner organs.

This class is suitable for both beginners wanting to begin yoga, as well as more experienced practitioners wanting to take their Yin practice to a deeper level.

Sorry, no Yin class this session.