Heather Rowland

Heather PicHeather started her journey into yoga and mindfulness in 2009 when she began to notice she was becoming emotionally exhausted in her career as a clinical social worker, and impatient and sharp with the people she cared for in her life. With a body that was charged with anxious energy, she soon found that yoga provided a sense of calm and focus that she had never experienced so deeply before. Combined with insight meditation, she was able to experience true self compassion for both her body and mind, and was able to expand that compassion more fully in her work and personal life.

This new way of being led Heather to pursue her yoga teacher’s certificate in the Himalayan Tradition through Sunshine Yoga in Calgary in 2012. Since then Heather has developed a passion for integrating yoga into her work as a counselor. By combining the wisdom of yoga with the knowledge of mental health, Heather hopes to help people live from a place of inner wisdom, self-compassion and grace.