Vickie MacArthur

“You’re already that which you’re seeking. You’re already that which you’re longing for.  You are the water and not the wave”.   Thich Nhat Hanh  My Story I’ve always been a […]

Ashley Thomson

Ashley has explored lots of different types of physical activity…tai chi, weight lifting, belly-dancing, pilates, swim club…but at the end of the day, everything becomes yoga: to yoke, to connect […]

Lori Benson

Lori Benson : Completed the Yoga Alliance 200 hr Hatha Yoga Certification in May 2010. Her teaching style combines a variety of disciplines of her teachers since her yoga journey […]

Meredith Pritchard

Meredith has been a student of yoga for the past seven years, and completed her Teacher Training in October 2014 at Soul Hot Yoga in Calgary.  From Calgary, she had […]

Autumn Smith

I first embarked on my yogic journey 7 years ago where I was brought to a place of higher awareness and connection to all. This practice is exactly that, forever […]

Lenore Lindeman

Lenore Lindeman started practicing yoga regularly after a lower back injury in 2010.  The only thing that really helped was yoga so she started doing it daily.  She decided to […]

David Gibson

In 1975, David sat down with Ram Das to experience a meditation practice. The journey of Yoga and Self Realization has continued ever since. Along the way, he has raised […]

Brenna Lowrie

Brenna Lowrie began practicing yoga ten years ago and, upon discovering the Ashtanga series, found that she had also discovered her passion. Inspired by the positive changes that yoga has […]

Karen Toohey

Karen first sought out yoga during her university years to relieve stress. As her life unfolded, jobs and countries changed, the practice of yoga waxed and waned. Now that yoga […]

Laurie Hamer

Laurie Hamer Registered Provisional Psychologist Registered Yoga Teacher – 200 Laurie’s passion for mindful presence stems from her experience as a mental health therapist where she first discovered its powerful […]