Autumn Smith

Autumn-pic I first embarked on my yogic journey 7 years ago where I was brought to a place of higher awareness and connection to all. This practice is exactly that, forever a practice, but so powerful in its ability to transform. Each time I step onto the mat I become more deeply connected and in tune with the peace that resides within all of us. Our prana. Our life force energy. Each individual’s interpretation of this varies, but my pranayamic practice has been my deepest connection to yoga. The intricate simplicity of just breathing. Different breathing techniques. Patanjali the patron saint of yoga, said that mastery combines a balance of science and art. Knowledge of science is like the colors on an artists palette- the greater the knowledge, the more colors available. The body is the canvas and the asanas are the art we create.

I took my 200 hour ytt intensive at karma yoga school in Vancouver 2015 where I was blessed with many of Vancouver’s most dedicated and talented teachers and got taught their variety of techniques. I am currently wanting to expand my scientific knowledge on the bodies breathing mechanisms and study respiratory therapy to compliment my passion of exploration of the self through yoga.
Namaste. Peace.