About Spirit In Motion Yoga

About Spirit In Motion Yoga

Spirit-in-Motion Yoga’s studio is located in a small church building in Lethbridge, Alberta, creating a peaceful, serene atmosphere to explore the inner work of yoga. Our vision is to create a feeling of community where each student feels a sense of belonging and connectedness to something bigger than themselves…a place to be nurtured…a place of refuge and sanctuary…a place to expand and grow. A place to feel the quiet voice in your true heart, so you can build a life based on your own deepest truth.

We offer a variety of group classes and traditional styles including Ashtanga based flow style classes, Yin Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, as well as Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga classes. We also teach classes in meditation and stress reduction, including the practice of Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation). Each student is encouraged to listen to the wisdom of the body, taking the time and space they need to connect to breath and move with sensitivity and awareness in each moment. Students can also choose to start or deepen their experience through private yoga sessions to develop a practice specific to their individual needs and personality.

Yoga is well known for its power to create a healthy body, but few people realize the lifelong emotional and spiritual benefits that yoga offers. Spirit-in-Motion Yoga believes it is important to integrate all the various aspects of the ancient practice of yoga including asana (posture), pranayama (breath), sound (chanting) and meditation, yet still make it accessible to modern tastes and lifestyles. We encourage students to take their yoga off the mat and weave the time-honored practices of yoga into their busy everyday lives. It is a lifelong practice of becoming more and more present to each moment, each breath, and to each other.

Yoga provides an in-depth understanding of consciousness, a way to heal and support, and deepen the soul’s journey.

Come and drink deeply from the refreshing waters of yoga.

Peace will surely follow!